“What is the role of insurance in an individual’s everyday life? frog worked with AXA Italy to introduce mobile services that are relevant, valuable, and easy to access, through conversational interfaces, streamlined workflows and innovative features. Together we brought to life a new way to approach insurance.”
Chiara Diana, Executive Creative Director, frog
Reinventing the customer experience in insurance is a key step in the transition from insurance provider to partner. To address the challenge, AXA Italy approached frog. Together we articulated the foundational customer experience concept and technology platforms to design, develop and launch My AXA, which offers new innovative and efficient services.
Interaction over Administration
My AXA guides a user through otherwise time-consuming or stressful tasks, such as reporting an accident or locating roadside assistance in real-time. In doing so, it simplifies administration to allow AXA customers to focus on what is most important.
A Conversational Interface
My AXA uses a conversational user interface (UI) to simplify access to insurance information and functionalities, replacing jargon with clear language. The result is a more human, yet digital experience that improves transparency and helps win customer trust.
Innovating with Technology
frog exercised our technology expertise to implement an end-to-end future proof solution: iOS and Android native apps built with modern languages and frameworks (Swift 4, Kotlin, GraphQL) for optimal UX, and a cloud-native, API-first backend with a microservices architecture, deployed to AWS and Openshift with a complete DevOps toolchain.
Agile Collaboration
AXA Italy and frog collaborated closely from concept through design and development. Throughout the program, frog facilitated a lean development process, applying its expertise in Agile and SCRUM to get My AXA to market in just six months.
April 2018
frog establishes the design and technology foundation for MyAXA, beginning the agile process and conducting preliminary concept testing with users.
6 Months
frog and AXA Italy collaborated to design, develop and test the My AXA native applications and supporting cloud-based platform.
October 2018
The My AXA application for iOS and Android goes live on the Italian App Store and Play Store.
Following the launch of My AXA, AXA Italy is measuring KPIs and planning the next steps in the ongoing customer experience evolution.
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