Adaptive Insights

Accounting for People

Adaptive Insights designs cloud-based financial management software that empowers businesses by optimizing the way they plan, report and analyze their finances. When Adaptive Insights decided they wanted to redesign their products for greater impact, relevance and user-friendliness, they came to us. Together, we reimagined their product portfolio.

Redesign and simplify an expansive cloud-based suite of corporate financial management products.

A lasting alliance that resulted in a powerful and intuitive set of products and an improved product development process driven by user feedback.

The foundation for something new

In a multi-year engagement, we worked closely with Adaptive Insights to build new features and tools, provide design and development support and optimize the overall user experience.

The result was not only improved products, but a transformation in the way Adaptive Insights understood their customers and created features for their customers’ needs. Our collaboration became a new foundation for Adaptive Insights, helping to evolve their process by placing user feedback at the forefront of their design decisions.

Simplicity and flexibility

We conducted numerous rounds of user research and interviews to ensure the product experience aligned with what customers really wanted and needed. Our process was defined by closely evaluating which features and designs were feasible without compromising quality or clarity. Simplicity was key to creating efficient, smart and functional designs.

In order to make dealing with finances as effortless as possible, we prioritized flexible features that were intuitive and customizable‚ÄĒlike the ability to reorganize data based off past, present and future information and status update categories like task completion and progress reporting. We wanted the features to be intuitive, so we opted for clean and professional visuals that were designed to seamlessly assist the user.

An improved approach to design

We contributed to Adaptive Insights’s overall service offerings by redesigning the layout, structure and look and feel of their features and products. Through interviews and iterative testing, we gained an understanding of their customer base and identified relevant features, which allowed us to refresh product design while maintaining functionality. With a transformed approach that better serves their customers, Adaptive Insights continues to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry.

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