Marco Polo, a leading Italian electronics retailer, asked frog to reimagine its e-commerce web experience and extend this service to mobile and tablet devices.

To meet the demands of the rapidly growing e-commerce market, retailers must seek new ways to engage with shoppers at multiple touchpoints to encourage them to stop, look, linger, buy and repeat visits to a website, phone or tablet. Marco Polo needed a full cross-channel retail experience that improves the standard customer journey – from product discovery to checkout – with a fast, easy, customized user experience.

frog shaped the overall user experience around specific needs to create a fluid e-commerce platform. Research suggested a number of pain points during the customer journey, including poor product information, promotions and personalized recommendations, a complex checkout process, and lack of delivery and payment options.

The redesign of the desktop experience introduced a new way to display promotions and deals based on user behavior. A hybrid recommendation engine pushes the right deals at the right time, according to navigation history. Users are provided options to buy products online and ship them home, or to order online and pick up at the store. The checkout process was streamlined to two steps for guests and only one for registered users, reducing the general complexity with simple, clear and secure steps.

Marco Polo’s mobile experience has the same functionality as the desktop but is optimized for the specific characteristics of mobile use (tablets, for example, with their larger screens and numerous features, are more popular for shopping than smartphones). For the landing page, the number of elements was reduced to remove clutter, and a simple filter was introduced to make it easier to find and compare content. The product page has full-screen and zoom features for a better viewing experience, while a personal area helps users navigate content and manage their purchases.

The Marco Polo e-commerce platform is a synergy between usability, technology, personalization and marketing. Since its introduction at the end of 2013, the site has experienced double digit growth in the conversion rate, logged more registered users and recurring clients, increased the total time users spend on the site, and reduced the shopping cart abandonment rate.

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