Product Design & Build

There’s no need to choose between getting it built fast and getting it built right with our adaptive, human-centered approach to product design and delivery.



Adaptive approach

Define a design methodology that works for your teams, your business and your customers


Emerging tech

Thrive in the areas of uncertainty that come with emerging technologies and practices



Test products early and often, with real users, to ensure excellent interactions and design

The age of the digital product

In today’s product landscape, where the lines between product and experience are fading into nonexistence, consumer expectations and demands are changing rapidly. Virtually all businesses are competing for time, space and attention on the screens of consumers’ devices. But fierce competition doesn’t mean having to choose between building a digital product fast and building it right.

At frog, we’ve excelled as a leader in digital product design and delivery because we thrive in the areas of uncertainty that come along with emerging technologies and practices. For over fifty years, we’ve worked across industries, with hundreds of clients ranging from small startups to large enterprises, designing and delivering products and services that users love in both the B2C and B2B environments.

“When it comes to product delivery methodology, choose a partner that works for your teams and customers, enabling innovation and improving experience overall.”
Chiara Diana
Chief Design Officer, Head of Innovation team

How we do it

product vision requires an end-to-end partner that can help imagine, make and scale itAt frog, we value successful products over strict methodologies, which is why we’ve honed our iterative, human-centered approach to product design and delivery. We help define adaptive methodologies that not only deliver results for clients’ product teams and businessesbut that also set them up to be challengers in their markets for the long term. 

Our process

  • Imagine: Establish an understanding of the users and a directional vision for how the product fits into their lives. 
  • Make: Define the product through rigorous customer testing, laying out the conceptual architecture that will guide implementation. 
  • Scale: Get the product into the hands of users in order to scale the product experience ecosystem and refine the end-to-end customer journey. 

Our design thinking approach and agile expertise is supported by efficient operating models like DesignOps and DevOps, enabling us to create and accelerate to market products and customer experiences that people love. Our UX design, service design, product design and product development teams test products early and often, with real users, to ensure excellent interaction design.

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Delivering Impactful Products to Market

Download the full report to learn more about avoiding the pitfalls of "process over product," as well as frog's human-centered product delivery approach and the 10 key ingredients for delivering impactful products.

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