Rebuilding Retail in a Post-COVID World

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Global lockdowns and restrictions due to COVID-19 have certainly affected every corner of our lives—from the way we work and live to how we access our basic necessities. While online retail was already on the rise before the pandemic, restrictions on in-person activities have only forced the needle on customer expectations when it comes to digital experiences. Still, the question for many companies remains: What does retail look like in a post-COVID world?

In a new report based on original research gathered through interviews with experts across the US, Japan and China, we uncover why online-merged-with-offline (OMO) strategies will be crucial to rebuilding retail in the coming months and years, and what brands can do to build and maintain trust with their customers.


“In order for OMO experiences to be successful, they require a critical ingredient that is often in short supply among today’s consumers: trust.”

Only the most innovative companies will manage to fully realize compelling and seamlessly integrated physical and digital experiences throughout the customer journey. Dive in with our team of strategists and designers to explore the four key ingredients to successful OMO strategies, and discover three concepts that employ frog’s unique approach to convergent design.



Timothy Morey, Global VP of Strategy
Belén García, Associate Strategy Director
Raquel Kalil, Visual Designer
Shining Li, Senior Strategist
Ion Nedelcu, General Manager

"Rebuilding Retail in a Post-COVID World"
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Timothy Morey
 Timothy Morey
Timothy Morey

Tim leads a global team of business and product strategists who work alongside frog designers and technologists to bring game changing innovations to market. He has worked in Silicon Valley for 15 years in a variety of product, strategy and marketing roles.

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