Designing the Future of Work

The workplace of the future will be defined by hybrid spaces. Here's how to take a holistic approach to reimagining ways of working forever.
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Before the pandemic, the workplace was most often a physical location. Post-pandemic, remote work and virtual collaboration have become normalized more than ever before. Hybrid workplaces, which are those that involve some blending of digital and physical tools and spaces, are rapidly becoming the norm. How can leaders create space–virtual or otherwise–for ideas and collaboration to drive innovation?

In a new report called ‘Reshaping the Workplace‘, we ask four frog experts–Florence Guiraud, Zach Morgan, Laura Baird and Jeffrey Sharpe–how to prepare for the new world of work ahead.

"Not since the integration of the personal computer have companies needed to reinvent their ways of working so completely."

Download the report to learn about the four pillars framing the future of work. You’ll also find out why taking a holistic approach to reshaping the hybrid workplace of the future is essential for empowering your entire organization.

'Reshaping the Workplace'
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Florence Guiraud, Senior Designer | Places
Zach Morgan, Senior Designer | Places + Experiences
Laura Baird, Executive Design Director at frog, Head of Design frog ATX
Jeffrey Sharpe, Principal Director | Global Lead Places & Experiences

Jeffrey Sharpe
Global Lead, Places & Experiences
Jeffrey Sharpe
Jeffrey Sharpe
Global Lead, Places & Experiences

Jeff is an architect, designer, producer, director and writer. His work sits squarely at the intersection of story, purpose, and place and together they form a substantive body of deeply emotive and purposeful experiences. Working across sector, scale and medium, he sets experiences in motion that empower people to do their best work, to be their most creative, and to make a lasting impact on society. He has guided organizations, institutions, and non-profits to better understand how purpose-led, sustainable and intentional design helps them re-envision the boundaries of learning, productivity, brand, and community. Jeff has spoken at TEDx, SxSW and many other conferences on design, sustainable and creative communities, the Future of Work and the Future of Learning; and has received numerous awards and distinctions for architecture and design.

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