Obie / Eyeclick

Transforming the State of Play for Kids

“frog brought a multidisciplinary team of world-class experts in their fields and an understanding of our desired market, audience and user experience. frog’s ability to come up with numerous innovative ideas was crucial for this success.”
Ariel Almos, Founder and CEO, EyeClick
frog and EyeClick partner to design a digital gaming system that has kids jumping for joy.

Sit Less, Play More
The need for Obie is clear: children are increasingly living a sedentary lifestyle, which comes with a slew of health risks.  A 2019 article by the World Health Organization (WHO) states that children need to spend less time sitting and more time playing. Indeed, research has shown that integrating play into educational activities has a significant impact on children’s cognitive and physical development. EyeClick engaged frog to design and launch Obie, a gaming system that directly addresses this need.

Meet Obie
Obie is a truly convergent product that transforms the interactive play experience for children. Launched in December 2019, Obie is the result of a one-year, multiphase collaboration that began with initial research and go-to-market strategy, then went on to span all phases of design, from initial concepts to final packaging, and even included the design of a new, pop-up Obie store.“frog is a one-stop shop that provided us with all the services we needed for the project, enabling us to push the limit and take the product to a place that we couldn’t imagine ourselves when we started it,” said Ariel Almos, EyeClick’s CEO and founder.

Eliminating Boundaries
Using sophisticated projection technology and 3D sensors, Obie eliminates the boundaries between physical and digital play by turning any surface into an interactive playground. Together, EyeClick and frog developed Obie as a 4-in-1 product, able to offer floor, table, wall and avatar interactive gaming experience with a simple rotation of the optical head. Collaborating with EyeClick’s R&D team, frog designed solutions for the system’s technical challenges, including definition of the component layout and concepts to ensure the product dissipates heat properly.

Understanding the Customer
The frog and EyeClick team began with initial market research, identifying the specific needs of their target customers. Through a series of on-site sessions that informed the launch of the new Obie brand as well as defined the technical requirements for the product, the frog team was able to move forward into the design phases. The result is a physical, projection-based gaming product that is more versatile, lightweight, portable and affordable than any previous system in its category. frog also designed multiple touchpoints in Obie’s surrounding digital ecosystem, including an app and an e-commerce website.

The Future of Play
EyeClick’s interactive products are already installed in thousands of venues like educational facilities, family entertainment centers, healthcare facilities, hotels, museums, retail stores and restaurants. Obie harnesses the power of active play, bringing it to a much wider audience—bridging the gap between digital and physical gaming, and giving more kids more reason to get up and get moving.

6 Disciplines
The Obie engagement tapped into frog expertise at each phase, including strategy, branding, interaction, industrial and visual design, as well as mechanical engineering.
4 Modes in 1
Obie is the most versatile in its category, with a rotating optical head that allows for easy projection on floors, tables, walls and avatar gaming.
-14kg Weight Reduction
At only 3kg, Obie is more manageable and portable than competitors, and weighs 14kg less than previous models.
By offering a new way to engage in active play, Obie raises the bar for interactive kids entertainment. Launched in North America, Obie is already reaching target customers. Along with its successful market reception, Obie’s innovative design has generated excitement across teams at EyeClick.
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