Creating the Next Dimension of Retail

We partnered with RoomAR to create the next dimension of retail. This bold new venture was based on RoomAR’s powerful competitive edge: an augmented reality (AR) enterprise app powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This type of solution combining both AI and AR has yet to be seen in a rapidly developing industry—allowing us a chance to explore, play, and innovate.

RoomAR’s value for users is based on tackling the major problem of online furniture sales; how to imagine a piece of furniture or an interior design item in your space. This gap of imagination is often mentioned as one of the biggest barriers when it comes to shopping furniture online as well as offline and this leads to long sales cycles in the furniture industry.

The RoomAR offering is twofold:

  1. Allows users to see a piece of furniture’s actual size in their own spaces.
  2. AI provides useful recommendations based on images and photos provided by the user and thereby understands the user’s space, persona, preferences, popular items and style.

The purpose of merging of these two user-centric services is to accelerate sales and conversion rates in the retail and advertising industries up to 10 times, and provide an inspiring brand experience for the customer.

RoomAR approached us to help them create a new AR-powered application that enables customers to see how curated pieces of furniture would look in their homes before their purchase decision.

We designed a user interface concept considering augmented reality and machine learning, allowing users to visualize furniture in their homes and offer suggestions that complement their style and environment.

Defining the Concept

Our collaboration started off as a strategic design project where we supported RoomAR in designing the product approach and formulating concepts to fit their business case.

During our research phase we were able to provide competitor benchmarking, and conduct extensive expert and user interviews. We held co-creation design thinking meetings together with RoomAR to validate results and iterate on concepts.

From Product to Launch

Once we had a defined concept, convincing story and the first prototype in hand, we began testing it with real users. Our in-depth user research focused on: 1) end users, and 2) interior design professionals. The goal was to validate the prototype and harness user creativity to make improvements.

User testing allowed us to further improve and iterate on our existing prototype with RoomAR to improve both usability and visual design.

Exceeding AR Expectations

Our collaboration with RoomAR’s experts allowed us to rapidly develop their solution. RoomAR is now launching their revolutionary service with their first client and partner, stilwerk, who uses it to offer an exeptional user experience.

Workshop with stilwerk

During the project, we introduced RoomAR to new design methods and a fresh user-centered approach to product concept and development. Additionally, we took responsibility for all visual touchpoints, co-created the branding, art direction and user experience.



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