Intesa Sanpaolo

Reinventing the Branch Customer Experience

“We designed the new branch and multichannel experience with the direct involvement of our customers, from field research to the testing process. This was a successful user centered approach, and was an important business goal.”
Fabio Salierno, Head of Experience Design Office, Intesa Sanpaolo
To transform the banking experience, frog and Intesa Sanpaolo tested and refined design concepts with clients and employees using full scale working prototypes. The result is a new branch design that fundamentally reframes customer interactions with the bank.
Total Immersion
To inspire the strategy and define the concept for a radically new service design, frog conducted 60+ hours of interviews with clients and employees, and 70 hours of collaborative workshops.
Rapid Iterations
At the core, Intesa Sanpaolo’s new branch design enables deeper relationships between clients and the bank. To achieve this, over 600 clients and 300 employees engaged in test interactions in a full-scale branch prototype, as the design was refined in real time to better serve their needs.
Clear Communication
It’s not just about interest rates; every detail matters. frog’s clear wayfinding and communication design proved key to establishing trust and confidence between the bank and its clients.
November 2014
Using frog’s human-centered design process the team gathered input, visualized ideas and aligned stakeholders at every step, developing a comprehensive service design strategy in just eight weeks.
March 2015
frog and Intesa Sanpaolo conducted five weeks of testing and rapid iterations in a full-scale branch prototype.
June 2015
The new branch design launched to the public.
In 2015, Intesa Sanpaolo launched 50 branches using the new design, with 1,000 more scheduled for 2016.
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