Partnering to Develop a New IoT Vision

“Our collaboration with frog leveraged their spectrum of capability and contribution from strategy and market opportunity identification, to user-centered design, to story telling and promotion. Big ideas, practical insights, actionable deliverables…”
Jerome Nadel, CMO & SVP, Rambus
frog collaborated with Rambus over several years to help the semiconductor leader cultivate a new vision, and bring it to life through design and film. From a focus on strategy and positioning, to experimenting with a completely new sensor technology, frog worked with Rambus’ executive leadership team to reorient the organization’s trajectory.


Setting a Vision
Rambus initially came to frog to explore future IoT opportunities using a human-centered approach. Working closely with the Rambus team, we used a future casting methodology to uncover internal capabilities, and combined these insights with market research to codify a new strategic vision and identity.
Alignment and Messaging
Leveraging frog’s film capabilities, we turned the strategic vision into a compelling and tangible story. The film became a central element of Rambus’ messaging, used to facilitate alignment with internal teams and to communicate a new IoT focus to external audiences.
Emerging Technology Experimentation
Rambus returned to frog with a bleeding edge piece of IoT technology, the Lensless Smart Sensor (LSS.) Through our frogLabs™ approach to experimenting with emerging technologies, we collaborated on go-to-market opportunities for LSS completed by the development of three prototypes leveraging this completely new technology.
Making it Real
The prototypes were used in public “maker” workshops to generate interest in the LSS technology and inform opportunities for business development. frog created additional films to extend the reach of these ideas and further propel Rambus into new and exciting territory.
Rambus came to frog for an outside perspective on a new IoT strategy and, together with the executive leadership team, we codified a strategic vision.
Rambus used frog’s film to introduce the new direction at Mobile World Congress, and to align internal teams in pursuit of the vision.
Rambus engaged frog and IXDS to experiment with their newest technology, resulting in prototypes, public workshops and additional films.
Rambus has adopted an increasingly human centered focus in the years since we began working together. The executive teams continue to leverage assets created throughout our partnership, and are exploring new business opportunities for the LSS technology uncovered during the most recent engagement.
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