The Future of Automotive Experience

By 2020, all of the intelligence embedded in luxury automobiles in the $120,000+ price range will be powered by revolutionary Intel chips capable of far more than ever before. In 2015, Intel came to us to create a concept for CES 2016 demonstrating how these chips will improve and enhance the automobile experience of the (very near) future. Intel’s vision is one where every surface in the vehicle can become a purposeful screen, and where sensors and cameras throughout a vehicle can identify, react to and predict a range of things.

We decided to illustrate our design work through video after coming up with a family road trip direction. This allowed us to highlight a powerful networking system where sensors can identify occupants of a vehicle and instantly connect their mobile devices, automatically turn off the A/C if the windows are down, and collect health data. We designed screens with facial recognition that could detect mood, powerful multimedia experiences using edge network computing, and state-of-the-art cameras on all sides of the car. Altogether, these features created an interactive experience for vehicle occupants, taking the idea of a road trip to another level.

Our in-house designers first created the assets two-dimensionally, making it three-dimensional as we acquired feedback and approval over the course of six weeks. To bring this vision to life, we partnered with Pelagicore—a specialized automotive experience firm—to design a demo dashboard using the software that would be shown at CES. The demo was interactive, allowing users to engage with its features—like expanding and pausing a music player or planning a stop for dinner. If interaction stopped, the demo progressed into its sequence. The interaction between the video, software, and demo dashboard demonstrated the real-life possibilities Intel’s chips are capable of—and Intel confirmed, once the chips are to market, everything we suggested can be implemented—down to the curved glass depicted in the video. Together, we illustrated how Intel chips will soon be enhancing the automobile experience.

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