Intel Retail Concepts

To showcase the benefits of a new high-performance chip, frog and Intel partnered to create a point-of-sale and signage system that reimagines retail as we know it.

Online shopping has become the default way to shop for an increasing number of consumers. It’s fast, convenient, and the volume of information available pales in comparison to what is typically available in-store. But physical stores can provide superior service, and give customers a real feel for products. Intel and frog saw an opportunity to reimagine retail through life-sized touchscreens that bring enhanced content onto the retail floor while driving usage of Intel’s energy-efficient chips.

Intel digital signage and kiosks provide a number of functions: in-store wayfinding, additional selection and product context, and a personalized shopping experience. Seven-foot-tall touchscreens deliver this information in a life-sized, engaging format that delights customers and builds loyalty. The low-energy, high-performance chips conserve 70% more power usage than previous chips, delivering high-tech benefits with a low sticker price and minimized environmental footprint.

frog’s working prototypes impressed audiences at major tech-forward events, including CES and the National Retail Federation Conference. When they debuted in early 2009, the prototypes were considered a harbinger of new innovative technology in retail—and called “absolutely the coolest thing here” by one enthusiastic conference attendee.

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