Connecting with a New Target by Extending an Existing Brand

The Challenge

First, to increase penetration with an underperforming segment, men. Second, to increase production volume through an underperforming manufacturing plant.

The Solution

Stouffer’s has strong equity in indulgent comfort food for the family, causing it to be out of step with the needs of health-aspiring male consumers. With the creation of the FitKitchen sub-brand, we were able to create a new product line within the Stouffer’s brand that has satisfying, modern, protein-forward recipes and a masculine look and feel.

Knowing this challenge also needed to work within the capabilities of an existing manufacturing facility, we created a series of products that utilized existing packaging forms and were able to run on the current lines, increasing utilization significantly.

The Outcome

After generating the strongest BASES scores in the history of Nestle Prepared Foods, Stouffer’s FitKitchen was launched in just 18 months.

It has paved the way for Stouffer’s to offer modern recipes and has given the brand new credibility in healthy eating. While aimed at health-aspiring men, FitKitchen has shown strong appeal across the genders. And due to the larger portion size and focus on protein, FitKitchen has enabled Stouffer’s to increase its retail price.

We challenged ourselves to come up with a product men will feel good about eating. We feel Stouffer’s Fit Kitchen delivers just that.
Tom Moe, Director of Marketing, Stouffer’s
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