“Porsche selected frog for its exceptional reputation in digital design. Its global reach simplified user testing in key markets while allowing for a close collaboration with frog’s diverse local design team based in Germany.”
Christoph Muehlbauer, Lead UX Apps, Porsche
Porsche asked frog to design its next generation connected car apps. The collaboration resulted not only in the launch of the Porsche Connect and Porsche Offroad Precision apps, but also a design language, code library and user-centered methodology that empowered Porsche to scale its delivery of exceptional digital experiences.
Scaling Design Excellence
Porsche recognized an opportunity to shape a more consistent digital app experience. Together with the Porsche app HMI-Team, frog redefined the design principles and interaction model, providing a design language system and a UI Toolkit in the form of a reusable iOS and Android code library, to scale mobile app development and accelerate time to market.
Reintroducing Porsche Apps
The new app design standards were applied to create the Porsche Connect and Offroad Precision apps. Unique features–such as an accurate 2D model of the user’s actual vehicle, and seamless interaction between vehicle and mobile device navigation–provide for highlight moments within the new user experience.
Establishing User-Centricity
frog and Porsche collaborated closely to create its new apps and design framework. Research and user-testing in China and Germany provided insights to inform the iterative approach. The application of user-centered design at Porsche has followed an approach that has since played a significant role across the organization.
March 2017
The new digital DLS and UI Toolkit is implemented at Porsche.
December 2017
The Porsche Connect app launches in app stores.
March 2018
Porsche Offroad Precision app launches in app stores.
The resulting user-centered DLS has helped Porsche scale the next generation of connected car apps.
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