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DesignOps: Remote Collaboration

DesignOps Remote Collaboration
Remote design capabilities are now essential. Learn the blueprint for remote design collaboration used by teams at frog, a global design consultancy, that supports creativity and impact when teams can’t be together.

As design teams have grown larger and travel constraints continue to change, distributed teams and remote collaboration are a new reality to which designers and their collaborators must adapt. This, of course, poses certain challenges, especially to creative teams that thrive on in-person interactions. DesignOps helps amplify creativity and impact at scale so design teams can do their best work, face-to-face, across town or a world away. When the situations arise that demand unexpected remote collaboration, efforts don’t have to grind to a halt. Teams that have a playbook for remote design collaboration experience less anxiety and stress, leading to better and more reliable design outcomes.

1-Day Remote Intensive
This 1-day intensive workshop is conducted remotely and focuses on setting up your design team for successful remote work and collaboration. Best for 5-10 participants.
3-Day Remote Deep Dive
Our 3-day deep dive is also conducted remotely. The 8-part session focuses on using DesignOps to successfully scale your design teams for peak efficacy and impact within your organization. Best for 5-10 participants.
Custom DesignOps Development
We also offer custom workshops in which we create and tailor a curriculum that is highly specific to your needs. This can include deeper dives into one area that your team needs help in, supporting a larger group, or different breakout sessions by specific topics. For custom development, we work with you before and after the workshop to make sure all your specific needs are met.
Through our DesignOps framework and workshops, we provide the best practices, tools and processes needed to foster design, creativity and collaboration across remote teams who are new to this way of work.
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