Fighting Organized Crime in Norway

The Norwegian authorities needed an easier way to work together. It was with this goal in mind that the Norwegian Police Directory, the Norwegian Tax Office, the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) came to us to find a better way to collaborate.

Photo: Marita Aarekol for Bergens Tidende

The four key departments involved in fighting crime all had their own separate systems and did not share information between one another, making it difficult to catch white collar criminals efficiently.

A single solution that allows law enforcement agents to work simultaneously across a variety of digital devices, whether they’re in the field or at the office.

One tool to unite four government entities

We started by imagining a centralized, easy-to-use tool that every department can access quickly from the cloud. This approach enabled sharing and collaboration between authorities across Norway with a responsive solution that synchronizes live data on different platforms.


Stay agile to stay close to users

Next, we used a design sprint to co-create and fully understand the current landscape from all points of view. Involving key participants from the four key government agencies, we were able to construct a 360¬į analysis of their working style and the problems they face.

Our key insight: the diversity of users who depend on the platform means different usage contexts and unique pain points.
Working directly with the end users in law enforcement ensures the solution addresses their concerns.
Develop quickly and test constantly to make sure any refinements deliver the best possible experience.
Establish training sessions for inspectors across Norway to facilitate a smooth handoff.

This exercise and its findings allowed us to accelerate our design phase. Within a few weeks we created, tested and refined five prototypes with progressively richer features.

With our design team working alongside the development teams, we were able to deliver a complex, multi-channel solution while ensuring our designs were taking advantage of the latest technology.

An elegant solution that makes it easier to fight white collar crime

This platform allows a tax inspector to examine a case at the office, while a police officer continues field work on a mobile phone and a labor inspector conducts interviews on a tablet‚ÄĒseamlessly syncing every device and connecting everyone using it, providing all team members with relevant information as they need it.

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