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January 6, 2019

Heatworks Previews IoT Tankless Electric Water Heater

Company behind proprietary Ohmic Array™ technology previews their first connected water heater at CES.


Heatworks’, ground-breaking technology is changing the way the world heats water. The Heatworks product line offers an entirely new water heating experience that saves both water and energy, while improving the comfort of our homes and the quality of our everyday lives. Building upon the initial release of the Heatworks MODEL 1 in 2015, Heatworks will display their next generation Ohmic Array™ technology and vision for an IoT water heater in partnership with Xively at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 5-8, 2017. Look for them in Booth 40063 in the Sands/ Smart Home area.

Heatworks began ten years ago when Jerry Callahan, Co-Founder of Blue Rhino, the world’s leading propane cylinder exchange, found that the tankless electric water heater he needed for his home did not exist. An inventor at heart, Jerry spent the next several years developing the most advanced and resource-efficient method for heating water. His persistence led to the development of the company’s Ohmic Array™ Technology, the first major breakthrough in liquid heating in over 75 years.

The patented Ohmic Array™ Technology leverages the natural conductivity of liquids to generate heat in the simplest and most efficient way. A dynamically controlled electrical current is applied to the liquid through a highly engineered series of graphite electrodes, directly and instantly increasing the temperature, delivering unmatched precision, purity and performance.

“Every day, billions of people around the world heat water inefficiently. By using existing inferior technology, we are wasting essential natural resources. Additionally, we are sacrificing time, reliability, and precise temperature control,” says Heatworks Founder and CEO Jerry Callahan. “We knew there had to be a faster, less wasteful way to heat water, and we wanted to develop a technology to give people an entirely new water heating experience. We are excited to be leading the way to an efficient and responsive liquid heating infrastructure.”

Heatworks’ goal is to have the Ohmic Array Technology™ in every new electric liquid heating device by 2020—from residential home water heaters to coffee machines and appliances, from milk pasteurizers to desalination plants. In addition to the efficiency gains found in the heating technology, Heatworks’ connected IoT capabilities allow unprecedented control, measurement, and interoperability. To further develop and refine the product offering, Heatworks is working in partnership with frog, the global design and strategy firm.

“The next generation of the Heatworks product line will underscore just how unique the company’s approach is, and how significantly their Ohmic Arrays can shift the performance and overall experience of a water heater,” said Ethan Imboden, VP Creative at frog. “At a time when we’re overwhelmed with generation upon generation of new consumer electronics, it’s easy to underestimate the impact that the judicious application of design and technology can have on essential infrastructure. This isn’t about flash, it’s about fundamental improvement and genuine value. We love collaborating with Jerry and his team, and are proud to have Heatworks in the frogVentures portfolio.”


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Based in Charleston, South Carolina, the Heatworks team came together to not only create the best tankless electric water heater on the market but also to change the way the world heats and uses water. Through its patented Ohmic Array Technology, Heatworks leverages the natural conductivity of water and electricity to generate heat in the simplest, purest and most efficient way. People save money and help to preserve Earth’s most precious resources: water and energy.
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