The Business Value of Design Pt. 1: Speed to Market

As designers, it’s sometimes difficult to quantify the worth of our work in terms of ROI. In Tim Morey’s in-depth analysis, The Business Value of Design, he outlines five key points for tracking the value of design investments. The first point unpacks Speed to Market.

Speed to Market is all about outpacing yourself in order to get your product into your customers’ hands as soon as possible. The single biggest thing a product manager can do to move the needle on their business is to get to market faster and start generating revenue sooner. And with the right design toolkit, being fast doesn’t have to compromise quality. By utilizing techniques such as rapid iteration, co-creation and other lean methods, Morey outlines how companies are increasing ROI by reducing development costs and timelines, and in turn meeting or exceeding target revenue.

frog employed this methodology in our work with Fizzics by leveraging their breakthrough carbonation technology in order to develop the design, branding and launch strategy for a family of home beer draft systems. By using a Venture Design approach, frog was able to help Fizzics rapidly scale production, getting the product into the hands of customers just 34 weeks from the beginning of the program, selling over 100,000 units in the first 3 months.


To find out more about the Business Value of Design, download the full paper here.
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