The Business Value of Design Pt. 2: Market Reach

Today, in our ongoing series on The Business Value of Design, we will dive into Pt. 2, which explores how companies can extend their market reach.
BNY Mellon Business Value of Design

Companies seek growth by expanding their market reach. Sometimes they find new customers and new uses for their existing products, such as Aspirin finding new a second life beyond headaches as a heart health product. At other times brands are able to create new offerings for their existing customers. The toolkit of design forces brands to step out of their industry and see the world through their customers’ eyes, often revealing new value propositions via unmet needs

BNY Mellon digital makeover

These Growth Strategy techniques were used in our work with BNY Mellon to expand their reach beyond their Wall Street clientele to a broader global customer base. Leveraging the company’s financial expertise and brand equity, frog worked with BNY to create a new digital-first identity that extended their knowledge and experience to new customers.

To find out more about the Business Value of Design, download the full paper here.
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