The Future of Financial Services

Financial services is changing fast. Here's what it takes to innovate fast and drive growth to set the pace.

At frog, we help financial services companies grow by creating experiences that people love. Our mission is always to build new ventures and improve customer experience at scale.

From our deep expertise working with clients across domains as diverse as insurance, banking, investment and payments, we understand the unique challenges all businesses face when meeting evolving customer expectations in an increasingly competitive and nuanced financial landscape. By no means exhaustive, these challenges include the following:

1. Disruptors are bringing new competition from unexpected—and often unregulated—places. Incumbents need to be adaptable, agile and positioned for lasting success.

2. Consumer expectations are evolving to demand connected, interactive, seamless financial experiences online and offline, wherever they are, whenever they need.

3. Financial companies need to go to market fast, launching products, services and even entirely new businesses around their customers at unprecedented speeds.

4. The rules for financial innovation are constantly in flux, spurred by new technological advances and by new organizations that are actively challenging the status quo.

5. Improving user experience is a broad and unwieldy charge, especially without clear understanding of which initiatives will return the greatest business impact.

For more than 50 years, frog has advanced the human experience through design. Over the last 10 years alone, we have worked with 75 global clients in the financial services industry, and 35% of all our projects are in partnerships with financial companies. This has given us tremendous insight into what’s next for the industry, and what it takes to compete on customer experience in this space.

With that in mind, we believe the future of financial services is here. And it is increasingly: 

Human-Centered. Even as new technologies reduce or eliminate the need for face-to-face encounters and brick-and-mortar locations industry-wide, consumers will always demand experiences designed to meet their real needs through interactions that feel human in that they are personalized, engaging and meaningful.

Read more about designing digital financial services with a human touch.

Connected. Gone are the days of products and services that fail to interact with one another in seamless, considered and memorable ways. We help organizations become more efficient and effective, removing the traditional barriers to launching innovative, hyper-connected, customer-driven experiences.

See how insurance brands are embracing seamless, tech-enabled solutions.

Trusted. In a digital world, the need for secure, trustworthy interactions between consumer and business is more important than ever. We help our financial services clients shape meaningful, lasting relationships with their customers built on mutual trust.

Learn how a crisis of trust is challenging innovation in financial services.

By partnering with well-known financial incumbents—as well as the very fintech start-ups that are changing the game from London to Silicon Valley and everywhere else—we ensure our financial clients can set the pace of change leading into a discontinuous future. We help financial companies pilot proof-of-concept programs that integrate emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile and blockchain into the design of customer-centered products and services.

At frog, we believe that form follows emotion. Our passion is driving measurable business value by first designing for happier, more loyal customers. This often means launching new products and services, but also includes redesigning organizations from the inside-out, helping them to make bolder choices and enabling them to bring new, differentiated customer-centered experiences to market fast.

We’d love to talk strategies and share experiences on topics like:

  • Building innovation as a core competency
  • Embracing strategy as a creative act
  • Seizing emerging opportunities for transformation
  • Piloting programs for machine learning

Get in touch today  to discuss opportunities to design the future of financial services together.


frog, part of Capgemini Invent is a global design and innovation firm. We transform businesses at scale by creating systems of brand, product and service that deliver a distinctly better experience. We strive to touch hearts and move markets. Our passion is to transform ideas into realities. We partner with clients to anticipate the future, evolve organizations and advance the human experience.

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