The Business Value of Design Pt. 4: Internal Capability Development

Next up on our series around The Business Value of design, we dive into Pt. 4: Internal Capability Development, which illustrates how companies can get the most out of their internal talent.

Attempts at innovation are often overcome by the tendency for companies to fall back on what they know. But by designing collaboration into an organization, companies are able to share knowledge, experience and expertise in order to increase their capacity to create new offerings, try new approaches and build new ventures beyond their core.

By implementingĀ Org ActivationĀ strategies, frog was able to helpĀ GEĀ move from an energy industry giant to a digital-first company. We did this by working with executive leadership to develop a vision for the software user experience and design digital products for their core business. This lead to an extensible UI toolkit (the precursor to Predix) that increased the speed and efficiency of future design efforts across the company resulting in a 100% increase in productivity and $30 million in savings in the first year.

To find out more about the Business Value of Design, download the full paper here.
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