Organization Design

Keep customers at the heart of innovation by using human-centered design practices to remove barriers to success and improve organizational structure.



Design-led transformation

Empower internal design teams and capabilities to enable transformation from within


Human-centered organizations

Reshape culture, processes and operations to be more holistic, effective and customer-centric


Innovation acceleration

Activate your organization around a shared vision to accelerate innovation

Transformation starts from within

In order to deliver continuous value over time, businesses must organize and activate around their customers. Using the power of human-centered design thinking, we help organizations achieve true customer-centricity by building the tools and systems they need to respond to customers in real time, allowing them to nurture relationships as they evolve and capture the insights required to take strategic risks before the market demands it.

With over fifty years of experience in helping organizations achieve their goals through human-centered design and innovation, frog understands how to uncover organizational, operational and cultural barriers to success and solve for them by improving internal structures, processes and capabilities. Whether you’re pursuing full-scale transformation, customer-centric innovation or trying to improve your culture and employee experience, we have the perspective and expertise to guide your organization toward its goals.

How we do it

We help our clients assess their internal structures, processes and culture, and identify opportunities to better fulfill their organizational and business goals using the tools of strategic, human-centered design. By putting customers and employees at the center of transformation and innovation, we enable our partners to accelerate customer-focused innovation, strengthen internal design capabilities and improve culture and collaboration.

As a world-class design, innovation and strategy firm, we provide our clients with knowledge and experience from across industries and disciplines, allowing them to draw upon design tools and organizational practices that have been tested and proven in the market. We’ve helped incumbents achieve transformation using the agile methodologies of startups, and we’ve launched ventures that have gone on to attain IPOs and become the next generation of incumbents. With multiple frog alums going on to pilot design-led transformations at some of the world’s most recognizable brands, we believe our methods and success speak for themselves.

Our capabilities
We work with clients to design and develop new strategies, teams, systems and capabilities that allow them to better meet the needs of their customers, their employees and their business. With tailored offerings and organizational frameworks, we help create organizational transformation from the inside out.
Human-Centered Org Design
With the tools of human-centered design, we empower organizations to achieve transformation by putting the needs of their customers and employees first.
Innovation Acceleration
We enable more focused and efficient customer-centric innovation by creating systems to maximize the impact of design, from strengthening existing design teams and processes to creating entirely new innovation organizations.
Cultural Activation and Transformation
Employee experience is more important than ever, and we support organizations in creating places, processes and structures to ensure their employees can thrive.
Defining New Capabilities
By sharing our expertise in design thinking, DesignOps, ResearchOps and agile methodologies, we enable organizations to define and launch new capabilities and offerings.
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