Learn Design Thinking: Lead Change in Your Organization

‘Design Thinking’ is a user-centered way of solving problems that can be deployed in any number of use cases. In partnership with LinkedIn Learning, frog created an online course that shares how to use design thinking to drive lasting change organization-wide.

If you have ever been curious about what Design Thinking is and how it works, frog created the online course for you. With over half a million views so far, ‘Learning Design Thinking: Lead Change in Your Organization’ will help you understand how it can be used to inform product innovation, define unmet market needs, drive alignment across teams and to address any number of other organizational challenges.

The introductory course is taught by Turi McKinley, Executive Director of Org Activation for frog New York. Explains McKinley, “We’ve addressed these challenges from a core mindset around problem solving, often called ‘Design Thinking,’ which businesses around the world are recognizing is particularly good at opening new markets and creating competitive advantage.” Along with providing an overview of the basic tenets of Design Thinking, the course offers specific advice on topics such as setting clear goals and tapping into the individual strengths of team members.

In this clip, McKinley breaks down the core aspects of Design Thinking.


What You’ll Learn

Through this framework, empathy and creativity come together to inspire better products and thoughtful services that real users will love–be they end-users of a product, employees providing a service, or any other stakeholder. No matter where you sit within your organization, this school of thought offers principles and techniques for improving product quality, identifying new opportunities and innovating on internal and customer-facing systems. Included in the course is four primary sections:

What is Design Thinking: Learn all about what it is and how it can benefit your teams. With an emphasis on clearly articulating problem statements and a making-based process to identifying the right solutions, this section discusses how openness and empathy can lead to lasting success.

Leading Design Thinking: This section offers skills for organizational leaders to consider when using design methods. Included are specialized activities for setting and sharing goals and creating active alignment across teams.

Guiding Creative Collaboration: The success of design thinking relies on collaboration across the design process. In this section, learn about how user-centered design thinking can be deployed to create user journeys, artifacts that create alignment, synthesize user needs and inform new design concepts.

Making to Advance Thinking: The fourth section explores the power of prototyping to test designs, improve user experiences and drive alignment across teams. Here you’ll learn how to prototype fast and often at the fidelity needed to engage users and stakeholders in the experience.

Get Started

This course on design thinking was made by frog for Lynda.com and is hosted by LinkedIn Learning, which is a subscription-based service. If you are not already a member, free month-long trials are available. Simply visit the course Learning Design Thinking: Lead Change in Your Organization to watch previews, and to get more details on how you can sign up and start watching today.


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