Learn Design Thinking: Customer Experience Design

We’re undoubtedly living in the ‘age of the consumer,’ but what does it really take to create truly delightful customer experiences?

Being a customer-centric company or brand takes more than just creating seamless digital experiences. It’s about putting the customer at the center of everything you do. frog launched the course ‘Learning Design Thinking: Customer Experience’ to demystify this process, and provide insight into how companies and brands can create real value for their customers in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Customer experience—or CX—is the summary of all the interactions a company has with a consumer over time. frog has built an online course in partnership with LinkedIn Learning that addresses changes in today’s customer-ruled markets, where expectations are heightened, making every customer interaction crucial to a brand’s success. The nearly 33,000 users who have watched this course since launch now have the foundational tools needed to take a holistic view of their organization’s customer experience and identify opportunities that can deepen relationships and drive loyalty.

Leading this course is Geoffrey Schwartz, strategy director and co-lead of customer experience at frog. Schwartz said, “Understanding how to consider and choreograph those interactions is undeniably complex. What we often forget is, at its core, customer experience is really about something much more simple: relationships.”

Along with a deep dive into the layers that make up today’s customer experience landscape, Schwartz’s course ties each layer to a real-life example of a business getting the experience right.



What You’ll Learn

  1. What is customer experience (CX)?
  2. Why is customer experience important?
  3. The business value of customer experience
  4. The core components of customer experience
  5. Building empathy for customers
  6. Engaging customers on an emotional level
  7. Tools for organizational alignment
  8. Designing meaningful products and services
  9. Identifying opportunities for innovation and customer loyalty
  10. How to build strong customer relationships

Get Started

This course on design thinking was made by frog for subscription-based service LinkedIn Learning. If you are not already a member, free month-long trials are available. Simply visit the course Design Thinking: Customer Experience to watch previews, and to get more details on how you can sign up and start watching today.



frog, part of Capgemini Invent is a global design and innovation firm. We transform businesses at scale by creating systems of brand, product and service that deliver a distinctly better experience. We strive to touch hearts and move markets. Our passion is to transform ideas into realities. We partner with clients to anticipate the future, evolve organizations and advance the human experience.

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