Idean designs the entire customer experience for RoomAR, a revolutionary augmented reality service


RoomAR gives furniture customers the ability to see their future-designed rooms instantly

Berlin, September 21, 2018 – Augmented reality is playing an increasingly important role in the technology sector, and customer experience design has a decisive influence on the user’s final experience with a product. That’s why the Idean team in Berlin and RoomAR have come together to revolutionize the buying experience for customers who are considering purchasing new furniture.

Together, Idean and RoomAR create a seamless transition between humans and technology—a unique user experience in which the online and offline worlds blend together. Since there have been very few comparable applications which require so much from AR technology, Idean and RoomAR are pioneers in the field.

The RoomAR application turns products into a spatial experience—right in your own home. For example, customers can see a couch right in their living room instead of in a catalog using a smartphone, tablet or data glasses. This happens in real time and with an architectural quality. Moreover, RoomAR comprehends spaces with the help of artificial intelligence and can independently propose furnishing arrangements. This way, the application scales the brand experience using state-of-the-art technology and outstanding design: The customer is emotionally engaged because they have a realistic experience of the product and can confidently make a purchase decision.

For nearly twenty years Idean has reimagined the experience of emerging and future technologies for companies. The focal point of Idean’s process is a deep understanding of users and their needs when interacting with complex digital services. This experience, along with deep knowledge, has allowed the team led by Head of Studio, Norman Friedenberger to ease into an ongoing, inventive partnership with RoomAR. Friedenberger highlights the following as one of the key elements of the Idean philosophy:

“We work side by side with our clients because strategic partnerships give us the possibility to design business processes in a sustainable and comprehensive manner.”

Naimah Schütter, CEO and Co-Founder at RoomAR exclaims:

We highly appreciate our flexible partnership with the Idean team. As a start-up, we work in a tremendously dynamic environment, and Idean is able to flexibly discuss changes and offer advice.Naimah Schütter — CEO and Co-Founder at RoomAR

She elaborates: “For us, this is an important base for an ongoing relationship. Idean is deeply involved in product development and needs to understand our working methods to reliably support us. We are beyond satisfied with the results of our partnership especially since the design quality of our products is a strong and unique selling point.”

Read more about the partnership between Idean and RoomAR from the Case Study.


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