Getting Warmer: The Evolution of Human-Centered Hardware

By looking back through the evolution of personal technology, we can see that hardware is most definitely getting warmer, softer and more human-centered.

Hartmut Esslinger founded frog in 1969 on the notion that “form follows emotion.” For years he lead with this vision, giving shape to some of the most transformative emerging technology of its time including Apple’s personal computer and Sony’s Walkman. And decades later, frog is still adamantly committed to human-centered design.

history-Getting Warmer The Evolution of Human Centered Hardware

As we look ahead to the future of emerging technology, strategist Sam Haddaway predicts in this year’s Tech Trends that we are only going to see hardware continuing to “warm up.” Not only have devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo adopted fabric bases as a way to more seamlessly blend in with the home-décor aesthetic, but the AI assistants that power such devices are getting friendlier and more human-like as well.

In order to celebrate the future of warm tech—from wearables that reflect your own personal style, to tech outfitted for the home—we’re taking a look back at the highs and lows (or warms and colds) of human-centered product design over the last few decades:

HGW Final- Getting Warmer The Evolution of Human Centered Hardware

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