frog Trends 2023

In our flagship report, 21 frogs from 10 studios across the pond share the trends that are shaping our future.
Trend Report

As 2022 progressed, we asked frogs from around our global pond to share the trends they see emerging for 2023 and beyond. Now, we’ve gathered twelve distinct design, business, innovation, societal and tech trends into one easily downloadable report. 

The twelve trends featured in this report are organized into three core sections. The first core, Worlds Collide, focuses on how emerging tech will unlock new ways of living. The second core, Connected Dots, hones in on how the rapid changes in online tools will further redefine our relationship with the internet. The third core, Take Care, centers its attention on how protecting and supporting one another can be an antidote to an era of chaos and collapse. 

The trends we at frog see expanding in 2023 include the expansion of mental health towards an immersive experience that incorporates light, sound and music into the process, the walled garden-driven emergence of superapps, a further evolution of creative AI tools such as DALL-E and many more in between.  

“2023 promises to be another year that will require grit and persistence,” said frog’s Global Chief Creative Officer Andreas Markdalen in the report’s foreword. “Whether we’re discussing new AI paradigms, data regulation wars or general technology disruption, frog follows an approach that naturally oscillates between the bullish and the bearish; the optimistic and the skeptical.”

frog Trends 2023
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We want to thank the 21 frogs who shared their trends:

Liam Ahern, Senior Service Designer; Ed Bolton, Creative Director; Stephanie Costa, Associate Strategy Director; Ben Ellsworth, Interaction Designer II; Belén García, Strategy Director; Anne Greenberg, Senior Consultant; Hans Haugli, Creative Director; Luke Hopkinson, Associate Consultant; Kuldeep Jangid, Lead Experience Designer; Jason Jian, Visual Designer II; Eclair Junchaya, Senior Interaction Designer; Kelley Kugler, Associate Strategy Director; Shining Li, Associate Strategy Director; Alan Luna, frog Alum; Vinita M., Visual Designer; Megan Nesbeth, Associate Strategy Director; Sophie Noire, Strategist; Franziska Pielmeier, Strategist; Ryan Starling, Design Director; Samara Watkiss, Associate Design Director and Sustainability Lead; David Zemanek, North America Head of Go-to-Market 

We also want to thank the frog global marketing team for bringing it all together:

DESIGN: Cary Potter, Art Director; Arnon Karnkaeng, Visual Designer

EDITORIAL: Andreas Markdalen, Global Chief Creative Officer; Elizabeth Wood, Editorial Director; Camilla Brown, Senior Copyeditor; Laverne Hedgepeth, NA Editorial Manager; Charlie Spector, Copywriter

SOCIAL: Lorenzo Lasagna, Social Media Manager


frog Trends 2024 is coming!

For over a decade we’ve been predicting the next big thing in our annual frog Trends report, forecasting everything from the rise of AI chatbots to sustainability as competitive differentiation.

Look out for our latest Trends report, dropping January 2024, to gain insight into the upcoming shifts set to affect populations around the world.



Andreas Markdalen
Global Chief Creative Officer, frog
Andreas Markdalen
Andreas Markdalen
Global Chief Creative Officer, frog

Andreas Markdalen is the award-winning Global Chief Creative Officer of frog. For 20+ years, Andreas has been leading and forming relationships with the leading global consumer and enterprise brands across industries/domains; shaping new capabilities, building new ventures and leading teams to make end-to-end innovation real. In the CCO role, Andreas provides guidance and support to account and industry-focused teams within the Capgemini Group, leads the positioning and brand strategy for frog in the market, while socializing the values of human-centric, empathy-driven, outcomes-oriented design processes to drive culture and community within and outside of the organization.

He is a visiting lecturer at MIT School of Economics (Boston), Unversidad EAFIT (Medellin), University of Texas (Austin), Politechnico di Milano and SUPSI (Lugano). Speaking engagements include Interaction19 (Seattle), Helsinki Design Days 2019, Creative Mornings (Milan), Experience Fighters (Madrid) and Design 4 India (Bangalore).

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