Demystifying Service Design in the U.S.

Is 2022 the year of service design? Take a deep dive into one of the lesser-known—but on the rise—design communities.
Insight Report

Services impact every aspect of our daily lives. Grocery orders, bill payments, holiday vacations, baby deliveries and housing moves—all can make or break us. Yet service design as a discipline is often overlooked in the United States. This report asks why such a crucial area lacks visibility and understanding—and draws attention to the successes achieved by the growing service design community.

In a new report called ‘The State of Service Design in the U.S.,’ a team of frog Service Designers—in partnership with the Savannah College of Art and Design and the Service Design Network—reveal key insights from their nationwide survey.

“Service design cannot succeed as a mindset alone, lest it suffer the same fate as design thinking. It must be formalized as a practice.” 

Download the report to learn about the ways this under-appreciated practice is improving the lives of citizens, patients, customers and team members across the country—and find out why supporting its growth could be good news for us all. 

‘The State of Service Design in the U.S.’
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