Brands Invest in Wellness of Consumers

What if brands got in on the wellness incentive approach by rewarding consumers for granting visibility to their health and wellness data?

Amidst today’s advertising renaissance, brands are finding new ways to target and attract their consumers. Data on browsing, purchasing, social and geographic habits are being mined and analyzed to provide people with the perfect message, delivered at the perfect time.

But what if health and wellness were factored in? Brands would do well to target consumers with high “health scores” in order to create long-lasting and meaningful relationships. With technology as a partner to help us adopt and sustain healthier behaviors, brands will take notice and seek us out, working hard to cultivate and nurture us as loyal customers. In the same way that health insurance companies reward people for proactive health decisions, why wouldn’t product and lifestyle brands make similar investments? People who exercise regularly stay healthier and save on average $2500 per year in healthcare costs, providing more disposable income to spend on other things. Brands strive to create “customers for life,” why not target customers who live long, high-quality lives?

Given the sensitivity of health data, these platforms would have to be designed in a way that allows people to opt in and keep their data safe. But we think with the right data protection and built-in layers of trust and respect, this could open up a whole new paradigm where brand-access or earned-tiers of access become a potent reinforcement for living a healthier life. By going beyond the aspirational encouragement of today’s fitness or wellness brands, these new platforms would actually reward consumers with unique experiences, products or access to premium services for reaching their health or wellness goals. Imagine the opportunities for new products, services—or even entire brands to emerge?



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