Beyond the Vehicle

The next stage of automotive is beginning to take shape. Download the new frog report to learn more.
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The automotive industry has always been driven by limitless imagination. Our thirst for adventure and exploration has given generations of humanity new modes of travel, altering our perspective of space and time. The old cliché, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” speaks to the value we place on experience. Today, that experience extends beyond the vehicle. 

Customers expect personalized and connected services across industries—a seamless ecosystem with constant connectivity to the world around them. This is a pivotal opportunity to tap into the well of automotive creativity that pushes the vision of a vehicle beyond just transport—towards an ecosystem of connected, human experience. 

Download the new frog report: Beyond the Vehicle: Taking the Lead on Automotive Customer Ecosystems.

In the past year, we’ve looked at various ways for OEMs to enhance customer experience. The Road Ahead: Conversations on the Future of Mobility drew insight from experts in automotive, art, business and academia to map out a broad view of the changes heading our way. The Untapped Potential of Automotive eCommerce explored the gulf between online sales in the automotive industry and other sectors. Now with our latest report, we explore a world bursting with opportunities for OEMs.

Customers are already asking for integrated services…

We’ve been watching this space for years and the data is unambiguous. Customers have seen what connected ecosystems can do for them in other industries, and they want the same features from their cars.


  • 95% of customers require a seamless process across online and offline channels
  • 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a seamless customer experience
  • 65% prefer to receive personalized offers from automotive OEMs instead of 3rd parties
  • 64% are more likely to recommend brands that deliver experiences to customers

…and OEMs are beginning to take notice

A few OEMs, such as Tesla and NIO, have started to expand their services beyond the walls of their vehicles. Our report provides a step-by-step model to help you define your vision and make it a reality.


  • Strategy and scope: You start with a plan—one that is flexible, built sustainably and will keep the customer at the center of everything you do.
  • Partnership and business model: Next, it’s important to get on the same page. Define your role, collaborate with partners who elevate you, and always drive business value for your ecosystem.
  • Technology and data: Turn insights into action. Stay informed on what your customers are looking for will always keep your offers relevant. Scalable, integrated technology aligns your project and prepares you for the next turn—wherever that may take you.

On the road to new horizons

The car is our trusted companion on the road. Today, customers are ready to trust their vehicles with more.

Vehicles have expanded our worlds for millennia, redefining access, speed and independence. Your customers are already headed towards connected experiences in the products they’re purchasing. Are you ready to bring automotive up to speed?

Download the new frog report: Beyond the Vehicle: Taking the Lead on Automotive Customer Ecosystems.


Sebastian Tschödrich
Executive Vice President, Head of Global Automotive

Anne Junge
Vice President, Head of Customer Transformation, Germany

Malte Völkoi
Senior Manager, Customer Transformation, Germany

Sarah Schneider
Manager, Customer Transformation, Germany

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