The Untapped Potential of Automotive eCommerce

What's holding automotive back from reaching the eCommerce potential already present in other sectors? Our new frog report explores nine key actions for bringing mobility up to speed.
Insight Report

eCommerce is one of the most critical success factors for a company’s long-term success. But—compared to other consumer-oriented industries—the automotive sector is still lagging behind, even though the demand to buy cars and services online increases. Especially traditional OEMs are struggling to offer an appealing and seamless online shopping experience. They are also challenged by new market entrants as well as digitally mature third-party players that provide a superior customer experience and a convenient way to buy cars online.

Our report assesses the maturity of digital customer journeys of automotive players in Germany compared to other selected markets. The analysis indicates the aspects of online sales that are currently covered by OEMs and third-party players.

The Untapped Potential of Automotive eCommerce
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Dr. Nepomuk Kessler, Director, Customer Transformation, frog Germany

Anne Junge, Vice President, Head of Customer Transformation, frog Germany

Corinna Wolf, Senior Manager, Customer Transformation, frog Germany

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