“The breadth of the frogVentures team is evident from the very first meeting all the way through to launch. Their experience in design, strategy and engineering is impressive. It’s an incredible resource for a start-up like Voyomotive.”
Peter Yorke, CEO and Co-Founder, Voyomotive
Through frogVentures™, frog partnered with Voyomotive on product strategy, brand identity, industrial design and packaging to launch VOYO, a cutting-edge connected car platform for the aftermarket ecosystem.
Venture Design Approach
The frogVentures™ team identified early adopters and car enthusiasts as initial target customers and, in just six weeks, envisioned and delivered experiences that highlight VOYO’s immediate value to these customers.
Magic Under the Hood
Going from zero to fully installed in under two minutes, car owners experience the value of VOYO and its cloud-based services right away. Benefits include enhanced safety, security and fuel efficiency, and notifications around adverse driving conditions, larger infrastructure issues, and attempted vehicle theft.
Elegant, Iconic Design
The hardware, packaging, and branding frog created ensure the unboxing experience conveys the value that VOYO provides. Together these elements embody the sophistication of the platform and initiate a strong relationship between the driver and the brand.
April 2015
Voyomotive approached frog for help translating the value of the VOYO platform to customers.
6 weeks
frog provided a suite of product strategy and industrial design deliverables, including brand identity assets, newly designed hardware, and final product packaging.
October 2015
Voyomotive launched its Kickstarter campaign and in 2016 they will launch their API, inviting developers to create an entirely new automotive IoT experience.
Voyomotive launched its Kickstarter campaign in October 2015 and exceeded its crowdfunding goal in less than three days. The products have been featured in TIME, TechCrunch, Fast Company, and USA Today. Recently, Voyomotive also earned four honors at leading aftermarket tradeshows SEMA and AAPEX 2015, including runner-up for Best New Packaging Design.
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