Ultrasound UX Goes “Supersonic”

“Aixplorer Mach 30, the result of several years of research and development, is pioneering a new direction in the design of ultrasound platforms with an intuitive touch control interface, and SonicPad™, which allows users to focus their attention on the image rather than on the controls for adjusting the device.”
Michèle Lesieur, CEO of SuperSonic Imagine
SuperSonic Imagine asked frog to help design its cutting-edge ultrasound platform that brings a new approach to ultrasound procedures. We worked together to create a platform and experience that is uniquely intuitive and centered around users.


Interaction Opportunities
frog’s user research highlighted opportunities within the ultrasound workflow and helped define system configuration, interaction and required degrees of freedom. A new design language translated the SuperSonic Imagine brand values into product expressions that celebrate its high-performance hardware. Participatory design sessions guided concept development.
Convergent Design
New designs challenged the point-and-click trackball convention, providing a large touchscreen and a multi-touch pad to integrate physical controls into a single, continuous flow. The redesign was extensively prototyped to perfect multi-modal gesture interactions, reducing exam time and perceptions of complexity.
Modelling the Future
To understand system complexity and requirements, the design and engineering team created product models with mechanical articulations that explored architecture, ergonomics, acoustics and component layouts. Full-scale functional prototypes allowed the team to test the design language and validate technology and user workflow.
November 2014
User research leads the development of a new portfolio strategy and product concepts for SuperSonic Imagine’s new hardware platform.
February 2016
The design direction for a new SuperSonic Imagine flagship product becomes the reference point for new product development.
April 2018
SuperSonic Imagine launches its flagship product: the Aixplorer Mach 30.
The Aixplorer Mach 30 product development followed the ISO 13485 the international standard for the development of medical products. After the final design delivery, the frog team continued to provide support on the design implementation, refining product details and assisting the SuperSonic Imagine team up to product launch.
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