Transforming Language Services

“Everyone on the team at frog has done amazing work, understood our goals and challenged us where needed. We felt like they have always been part of our team.”
Marco Trombetti, Co-Founder and CEO
frog partnered with Translated, a company offering professional translation services to individuals and businesses all over the world, to help their digital presence match their unparalleled technological capabilities and massive team of language translators. With an emphasis on presenting the brand’s story as a new, bright, fun visual identity, frog helped the business relaunch their digital presence to reintroduce the business and identify growth potential for years to come.
Putting Users First
Because translation is a complex challenge, Translated combines human expertise with machine intelligence to make it easier and more reliable. frog partnered with Translated to simplify and improve the various ways people use the service, conducting research in three countries aimed at developing a deep understanding of workflows, pain points and potential opportunities.
Words that Bond
After synthesizing the user research, frog helped Translated tell their unique story to customers all over the world. Building off their core belief that language should always be a chance for connection, not a barrier to understanding, frog helped form a new brand identity for Translated that celebrates the collaborative, fun and open qualities of their diverse offering.
A New Visual Language
Showcasing a fresh, modern and accessible visual identity for the brand, the new and all digital touchpoints speak directly to the various audiences engaging with the business. The streamlined site structure now acts as a communications hub that guides translators as well as individual and enterprise customers to finding the particular services of use to them, with clear opportunities to get in touch.
Translating into the Future
Along with overhauling current digital properties, frog led an organizational transformation with Translated, helped the company define a roadmap for the future. Delivered as a design research report with a full set of recommendations and a suite of working prototypes, frog helped Translated understand the current and future applications of their differentiated products.
April 2018
frog and Translated partnered to uncover the potential for new, user-centered improvements to the complex brand and service.
December 2018
The frog and Translated team launched the new, a redesign that showcases the new brand identity and is organized around user needs.
May 2019
frog and Translated leadership built off the initial engagement to develop Ai X Design, a program focused on humanizing artificial intelligence.
Since launching in late 2018, the new Translated website and related suite of digital properties better represent the forward-thinking, human-centered approach the company applies to their translation services. Armed with a deep understanding of their customers and the products they need, frog was able to help Translated clearly communicate their value and continue using cutting-edge technology to improve translation workflows and experiences for users worldwide.
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