Middle-Out Strategy for Market Innovation

“It’s easy for functional areas to develop silos in large organizations. By establishing the Collaboration Innovation Board, we were able to reach across those silos, determine common priorities, and combine resources to pursue truly breakthrough innovations. Not only did we get alignment on strategic direction, but we also accomplished things better and faster than each area could have on its own.”
Daniel Han, Manager, Advanced Product Strategy, Hyundai Motor America
A group of Hyundai leaders from the US region recognized that in order to innovate successfully for their market, they needed to work together across functions, businesses, and time horizons. With the help of frog, they created the Collaborative Innovation Board (CIB) to foster shared strategic efforts and launch pilots.

Challenging a Top-Down Strategy Hyundai’s organizational structure of distinct regional companies posed challenges in fostering communication and collaboration. After key leaders agreed that a shared perspective could expand the US market, they joined forces to engage frog in identifying strategies for collaboration. The resulting approach is designed to create and support change from the middle out, establishing a lasting framework that can evolve over time.

Overcoming the “Too Busy” Problem As a lean organization, Hyundai leadership is able to generate new ideas, but often lacks the bandwidth for implementation. frog worked with Hyundai to engage leaders in fully understanding distinct priorities and needs. We then created an “all-in” collaborative plan, including a tool kit for shared prioritization, decision making, and execution across different companies.

Pilots to Drive Adoption Over four months, frog worked with the CIB to select and fund pilot programs that would develop innovations across long-range design, mid-term engineering, and near-term sales and marketing functions. These pilots highlight to leadership how new ways of working, thinking and collaborating can ultimately have a positive impact on Hyundai’s bottom line.

1 Month
frog and Hyundai took a lean, responsive approach to assessing needs and creating the Collaborative Innovation Board.
12 Months
North American leadership met regularly at frog-facilitated CIB sessions to align on vision, opportunities and budget to create multi-functional, cross discipline collaboration within the region.
3 Pilots
Three pilot programs are underway to explore the future of mobility across Hyundai design, engineering, and sales and marketing functions with the potential to go-to-market within one year.
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