“We came away quite impressed with the product vision. We view the product not just as a defensive response to the threat from internet-based platforms but having the ability to provide Sirius a competitive moat for many years to come.”
Kannan Venkateshwar, Director, Head US Media, Cable & Satellite Equity Research, Barclays
SiriusXM collaborated with frog to solve for challenges presented by increasingly connected cars and rising listener expectations. Project 360L is a user-centric design strategy that integrates existing satellite service with new streaming and connected features, positioning SiriusXM as a major competitor for premium audio both inside and outside the car.


User Experience as Strategic Investment
Historically, SiriusXM’s success relied on content and relationships with car manufacturers. They now recognize the need to compete on experience. Listeners demand beautiful, simple interfaces and seamless access to content on any device. To accelerate this transformation, frog established world class design while they rapidly scaled their internal product experience capabilities.
Connected Vehicle Vision
360L adds significantly more content via on demand streaming services available in the vehicle. And with the new user experience, it’s easier than ever find what you want to hear, when you want to hear it. Data intelligence provides contextual recommendations and improves browsing with natural language search. This personalized approach even allows users to sync their service to all their devices.
Thinking Outside the Vehicle
This new connected relationship with listeners extends beyond the car. To create a consistent platform, SiriusXM collaborated with frog to bring the user experience improvements from the car back to the mobile, tablet and TV applications. Adding further value for fans, the apps were also designed to stream video of archived and live shows.
Getting to Market
To assist SiriusXM in meeting greater demand from auto OEMs than anticipated, frog worked closely with the product management team on design concepts and adaptations to car platforms. The updated mobile apps and the ‘19 Dodge Ram 1500 (with 1 year exclusive in vehicles) will be available Spring 2018.
31.3M Subscribers
In the North American market, SiriusXM had more paying subscribers in 2016 than Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music combined.
+$4 Billion
Just after reviewing the 360L vision in 2016, Barclay’s analysts raised SiriusXM’s target price by ~18%–an increase that would represent more than $4 billion in market cap at the time.
1 Million Vehicles
The first in-vehicle implementation of 360L was unveiled in the 2019 Dodge RAM 1500. In 2020, GM is expanding its SiriusXM offering by including 360L on select models in nearly 1M vehicles.
Since its release in the 2019 Dodge Ram 1500, SiriusXM’s 360L has received widespread praise for its accessibility and enhanced functionality. Motor Trend applauded the new platform for its expanded On Demand content and ability to sync programming across all devices, including smartphones and connected home systems.
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