Feel UX: mobile user-experience design for Sharp Aquos phones
turn window shoppers into buyers
architected to be compatible
Sharp_Aquos mobile UX
“We have created a distinctive experience that will ultimately increase the life of the product.”
Itsuki Kouchi, Global Product Development Center, Sharp
To set Sharp apart from the competition and expand their presence in the Asia/Pacific market, frog and Sharp partnered to breathe new life into their Aquos mobile UX.

To turn window shoppers into buyers, Sharp collaborated with frog’s team of designers and technologists to create Feel UX, a new mobile user-experience for their Aquos line of phones. The nine-month collaboration included global research in Japan and the US, as well as product ideation, design and engineering. As a result of this work, Sharp executives rolled out a feature-complete product in less than a year.

Unlike other handset manufacturers who historically customize Android by adding successive layers on top of the platform, the frog team carefully curated an experience that is straightforward for beginners, yet has the flexibility for customization that advanced users love. An animated lock screen captivates customers and provides immediate access to a user’s most important content, and intuitive shortcuts and naturally responsive interactions improve utility. The new experience was architected to be compatible with all future Android updates.

Over 1,300 production-ready assets, redlines and motion studies enabled Sharp to implement the design quickly and confidently. The resulting operating system is uncluttered and effortless to use, and pulls Sharp away from competitors with a distinctive experience that increases the life of the product. Feel UX launched in September 2011 on seven different devices, garnering global press coverage and delighting users worldwide.

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