Starting the Intelligent Camera Revolution

“We are delighted with our collaboration with frog, it was one of the highlights of our early stage.”
Eric Sanchez, CEO and Co-Founder, Revl
Revl first came to frog for help harnessing the power of their best-in-class intelligent camera technology. The result of the engagement was the creation of the Revl Arc, the world’s smallest 4K smart camera and mobile platform, designed to raise the standard for editing and sharing media on-the-go—and a completely new company identity to match.
Everyday Adventurers
frog and Revl partnered to create a smart camera sytem that helps users celebrate all of life's moments, wherever they are, without compromising quality. Featuring a simplified user experience, superior image capturing capability and built-in stabilization, the Revl Arc is the go-to solution for capturing both casual and extreme adventures.
Leading with AI
When capturing photo and video, technical limitations can too often get in the way of experience. Editing takes time and effort, delaying or preventing people from sharing memories with loved ones. With motion data recording and an intelligent editing system, the Revl Arc allows creates beautiful, stable videos that can be shared instantly.
Creating Community
In addition to designing the camera, the team designed an accompanying mobile app that empowers users to track progress over time, compete with friends or compare stats with thrill seekers and professional athletes. During the engagement, frog also named and branded the company with an identity system that is as vibrant, playful and bold as the activities captured on the camera.
9 Weeks
In an accelerated engagement, frog co-created Revl to target an underserved market.
May 2016
An Indiegogo campaign to develop and launch the Revl Arc venture was funded.
November 2017
The Revl Arc smart camera and companion app is released in the market.
After the engagement with frog, Revl launched a successful campaign on Indiegogo to fund the Revl Arc smart camera and companion app. Now available for sale online, the camera has raised the standard for all action cameras.
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