Reimagining the Digital Jukebox, Again

“We chose frog for their multidisciplinary leadership and proven track record in user interface, industrial design and product strategy. We wanted a partner that would understand both our consumer and channel needs and be with us over the long-term to help us stay on the cutting edge of innovation.”
Ross Honey, President and CEO
When TouchTunes first came to frog in 2010 to redesign their digital jukebox inside and out, we helped transform the hardware, software and services into a seamless, digitally connected experience for the next generation of in-venue entertainment. After the success of our first engagement, we continued to work on further iterations over the course of eight years, refining each one with valuable design and functionality updates that have continued to set TouchTunes apart as a leader in digital entertainment services for venues across North America.
Reimagining the New Social Music Experience
frog first worked with TouchTunes to create their flagship Virtuo by updating the digital jukebox inside and out with new interaction and product design that provided more choice, personalization and engagement within the experience. With a larger screen, enticing lighting and music equalizer, and added karaoke and photo booth features, the Virtuo became a versatile entertainment hub for any venue.
Designing in Virtual Reality
In order to fully immerse the client in our proposal, we created a virtual reality experience to better communicate the new jukebox design. In VR, it became much easier to understand scale, materials and surfacing of the new jukebox, as well as draw comparisons to the previous versions. Bringing the design into an immersive experience helped us gain the trust and excitement of the client, and provided tools for TouchTunes to speed their approval process.
Modular Design that Evolves for the Future
The Angelina’s updated modular design offers dozens of features and capabilities that reduce service times and increase reliability, which translate into greater efficiency and enhanced value for operators. These innovative modular components connect directly to a removable motherboard, which markedly simplifies service calls, reducing inventory needs and improving reliability.
Cost Efficient, High Impact Design
We were tasked to balance cost efficiency with big visual impact. Our solution was to conceive of a beautiful new lighting system designed to draw in customers from across a crowded bar, and an updated music visualizer to keep users engaged throughout their experience. TouchTunes brought these concepts to life with dynamic software-driven music and light experiences without raising costs for their network of operators.
1 Week
We conducted a fast-paced one week concepting sprint for our initial design options.
7 Weeks
With TouchTunes approval, we moved on to a seven-week design delivery period.
March 2018
TouchTunes’ latest digital jukebox, the Angelina, launches to market.
TouchTunes is the largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform spanning 65,000 bars, restaurants and other venues across North America.
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