Plume Labs

Demystifying Urban Air Quality

“Working with frog through user research and industrial design was crucial to infuse all our product, experience and branding work with extremely precise user insights. Our collaboration was instrumental in helping bring to life our smart air quality tracker Flow – and we believe it will be key to its success with our community of users tackling air pollution around the world.”
Romain Lacombe, Co-Founder, Plume Labs
Over a six-week period, frog worked with Plume Labs to create a consumer-facing smart device that would humanize their air quality sensor technology. The result was the industrial and interaction design, and go-to-market strategy for ‘Flow,’ a stylish tie-on smart product that allows users to be informed about their own air quality exposure. Flow is now available for sale online and in select retail locations in the United States and European Union.


Design Intensive
frog employed a focused design-driven process across user research, ideation, prototyping, design development and go-to-market strategy, that culminated in a transformative product. The multidisciplinary team worked closely together in frog’s London studio to develop a device and product based on a deep understanding of peoples’ perceptions and attitudes towards air pollution.
The Moral Imperative for Clean Air
The product was designed to improve the lives of urban citizens by helping them understand air quality at a personal and community level. Inspired by frog, Plume Labs designed the next generation Plume Air Report digital application, which crowd-sources data to educate people about the importance of clean air and provide real-time information about air quality exposure.
With You, Not On You
The team was committed to not creating another typical wearable, usually worn around the wrist. Inspired by clean, elegant simplicity, the product features strong, durable materials and beautiful, engaging interactions. The tactile body can be attached almost anywhere—a backpack, an apartment window, a baby’s stroller—to help people navigate air quality in their urban environments.
June 2016
Plume Labs began a six-week design intensive in our London co-location to develop the product, engineering, and go to market strategy for Flow.
January 2017
Flow receives the CES Innovation Award 2017 ‘Tech for a Better World’ honoree, and is shortlisted by Engadget as the Best of CES 2017.
September 2018
Flow ships to the first few thousand pre-order customers in the US and Europe.
The Flow smart air quality tracker launched with full production in 2018, affirming the relevant value of this emerging technology in a transformative market where air quality is now entering the mainstream conversation. The device also asserts the need for beauty across aesthetics, interaction and functionality in a market rapidly moving towards human-centered technology.
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