Shaping the Food and Beverage Experience

“I am thrilled and over the moon with the engagement. It is probably one of the smarter things we have done since we started this company.”
Philip Petracca, CEO and Co-Founder, Fizzics
Leveraging Fizzics’ breakthrough carbonation technology, frog developed the design, branding, and launch strategy for a family of home beer draft systems, and helped the venture raise more than $1 million in crowdfunding.


Bigger Than Beer
Working with Fizzics to develop a long-term vision, frog looked to the company’s core values and expertise: bringing people together with an unmatched technology that delivers fresh from the tap beer. frog saw the opportunity to extend the specialty brand to a mainstream consumer base that appreciates traditions around food and drink.
Inspired Design
frog created a fresh brand identity, design language, and naming convention, evolving the original Fizzics product into a more portable, efficient, and modern offering. Inspired by the beer community and historical references, frog created rapid form studies, refined them into prototypes and perfected the designs for manufacturing.
Storytelling and Launch
frog developed content to demonstrate how the first model in the system—Waytap—serves as a centerpiece for social gatherings. Featured in the Kickstarter campaign, frog’s video and photographic assets were instrumental in helping potential backers and beer drinkers understand, rally behind, and ultimately fund Waytap.
13 weeks
In a highly collaborative design sprint, co-located at frog’s New York studio, Fizzics and frog created a new design language that embodied the brand’s commitment to bringing beer drinkers together.
September 2016
The Kickstarter campaign raised $1.1MM, attracting more than 7,000 backers. This effort helped Fizzics increase their retail presence by 3x and grow YoY revenue by 400%.
34 weeks
By taking a Venture Design approach, Fizzics was able to rapidly scale production. The first product was in consumers’ hands only 34 weeks after the program began.
Fizzics raised over $1 million, making it one of only 200 Kickstarter campaigns to reach this milestone to date. Eight months after the project began, Waytap was on the shelves of four major retailers. Three months after the product hit shelves, 100,000 units were sold.
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