UX Center of Excellence Brings Differentiation by Design

To standardize their software experiences and provide support and resources for designers, frog developed a broad UX framework for GE to share knowledge, resources and best practices.

Known largely for its industrial expertise, GE has evolved over the latest decade to become the 14th largest software developer in the world. Recognizing the considerable opportunity behind this pivot into software, GE tapped frog to help build a UX Center of Excellence (UXCOE) to set broad standards and guidelines for the company’s software, ensuring it matches the company’s well-earned reputation for stellar engineering.

frog collaborated with GE engineers and designers to build a core foundation of languages, needs, tools, and success metrics to support its UX practice. Rather than dictate best practices, frog acted as a researcher and translator, surfacing best practices throughout the company and disseminating them across divisions. The resulting knowledge and playbook sets unified design standards companywide. To keep GE’s global design teams aligned and the knowledge base fresh, UX Central facilitates an ongoing conversation among UX professionals across the company.

By making complex systems simpler to design and use, GE’s UX Center of Excellence has significantly decreased time to market while improving the experience of applications across healthcare, energy, and infrastructure. This new digital transformation initiative has sped the launch of remote monitoring and diagnostic software for several mission-critical products, including myFleet and myEngines. UXCOE won an IDEA Gold award in 2012 for Design Strategy.

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