frogThinkĀ® Toolkit

ā€œThis distilled the essence of requirements definition and work process mapping, and quickly converted it to design prototyping. Phenomenal.ā€
GE Executive in a 5-day frogThink event
The frogThinkĀ® Toolkit is a flexible set of creative collaboration methods for aligning teams, generating innovative solutions and escaping workplace cultural paralysis.

At frog, we believe that teams work best when they are shaping ideas together, whether on paper, in code, or as a physical prototype. This tangible approach unlocks fresh thinking as we explore user needs, design solutions, and business opportunities. frog has built the frogThink Toolkit in order to help business leaders bring frogā€™s unique culture of design to their own teams.

These skills are developed through an experiential learning process that cultivates the ā€œlearning by doingā€ mindset and supports the immediate creation of tangible outcomes. The frogThink Toolkit helps leaders create cross-functional teams with the willingness to integrate user insights throughout decision-making and to prototype early and often. It instills in those teams the confidence to generate divergent new ideas and the ability to socialize the process, the product story, and the vision throughout the company.

As a design firm with over 40 years of experience, frog understands how to support and lead teams through the swirl and uncertainties of the design process to reach innovative solutions. The methods we share have, over the years, helped us quickly and effectively design solutions to an astounding range of questions.

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