Big dreaming in the birthplace of America

Welcome to Philadelphia
frog’s newest pond in North America is located in the historic Curtis Center, just two blocks from where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Find Philly frogs sprawled in Washington Square eating Wawa, competing in a team scavenger hunt near the Liberty Bell, and debating whether tacos are sandwiches.
"Our teams are often the first on the ground with clients, across any imaginable industry. It's exciting to deep dive into discovery work that sets subsequent programs up for success."
Allyson Cohen, Associate Director of Program Management
“As a small, research-driven studio, we have a long history of building empathy with the people that inform our designs, which carries over into the culture we build amongst ourselves.”
Mark Ziegler, Associate Director of Interaction Design
Fun Facts
Food Fanatics
During remote cooking events, we’ve made pumpkin cookies, French pancakes, dumplings and chilaquiles.
1 Cutting Edge Usability Lab
Our design researchers conduct product and prototype evaluation with real users to optimize UX.
72% Prefer to Fight 1 Horse-Sized Duck
Key Considerations: Beak feistiness, weight, teeth sharpness, domestication potential, adorableness, rideability.
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