Membership & Loyalty

Gain the trust of your customers and establish long-term membership and loyalty by designing propositions, services and experiences that provide real value.




Explore new ways to reposition the consumer journey beyond traditional channels


Drive engagement

Build meaningful, sustained customer relationships that drive engagement and brand loyalty



Employ the latest data-enabled technologies to engage and interact with consumers through personalized, delightful experiences

Loyalty starts with human emotion

Membership and loyalty shouldn’t only be personalized—they should be personal. To deliver value at every step of the customer journey, organizations must empathize and analyze, keeping the customer at the center of every decision. By deploying innovative technologies empowered by rigorous market and consumer research, brands can provide powerful membership experiences that establish personal, effective and meaningful relationships. But in order to maintain those relationships, teams, organizations and systems must be flexible and responsive, delivering value at speed for both customers and the business.

90 %

of consumers

have a negative perception of current loyalty programs

How we do it

We believe that true loyalty is all about human emotion. Consumers want respectful, rewarding and long-term relationships, and the key to unlocking them is through higher emotional engagement. Reciprocity—the idea that people enjoy giving as much as they do receiving—is central to our approach. Consumers don’t value their loyalty relationships because they receive arbitrary rewards or marginal benefits from them, but because they want to feel like the brands they know and love know and love them in return. We help our clients achieve this intelligent empathy with their customers and teams by orchestrating the capabilities, channels and technologies they need to enable new modes of engagement, commerce and loyalty.

Our capabilities
We have extensive global research that reinforces our 10+ years of experience in delivering new propositions and strategies in loyalty. True loyalty is built through the right balance of emotional and rational engagement, which is why we take a human-centered approach focusing on rational value and emotional connection.
Redefine what loyalty means in your business by using strategic innovation to develop a new CRM & loyalty strategy, proposition and commercial case for change.
Design new CRM systems, loyalty offers and customer experiences supported by a business case that delivers on your strategic goals.
Maturity review and assessment
Understand newly defined propositions, offers and business cases by further assessing the detailed experiences, capabilities and architecture needed to get them off the ground.
Build and scale
Collaborate with a strategic delivery partner to design, build, launch and support the business and IT capabilities required to launch and scale your new proposition.
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Reinventing Loyalty
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