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September 14, 2021

How Organizations Can Win On User Experience In A Fast-Changing Landscape

How Organizations Can Win On User Experience In A Fast-Changing Landscape 

FORBES — To talk about how to win on UX in a fast-changing innovation landscape, I recently spoke with Andreas Markdalen. As Global Chief Creative Officer at frog, a global design and strategy consultancy that is now part of Capgemini Invent, Andreas helps leading businesses and promising startups design next-level products, services, and experiences. He shares how poor UX reveals the fault lines in an organization and what it takes to deliver on experiences: “Great experiences feel effortless, and such a feeling demands a holistic UX process. Bringing together a team of experts from across design, brand, content, data/analytics, marketing, and technology will ensure the dots are connected on behalf of the user. At frog, we’re currently bringing Behavioral Science into our design toolkit to help generate better, more responsible, and sustainable UX work.”  

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