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February 13, 2020

High-Design Healthcare Is Getting the Millennial Branding Treatment

As healthcare becomes more customer-centric, so does its branding

AIGA – Going to the doctor has always required a level of visual patience. Forms need second reads; digital interfaces require rebooting; clip art logos must be tolerated. We’ve been trained to expect it—the healthcare industry has never been particularly design-minded, almost, it seems, as a point of pride.

“Traditionally, healthcare has been optimized not for the end consumer but rather for a series of intermediaries, whether that be a health insurance company, or government, or for regulations,” says Viral Shah, a strategy director at Frog, whose colleagues Rachel Hobart and Fran Wang started Yona Care, a platform reimagining the speculum with better industrial design and branding. “What we’re seeing now is the major sea change in the healthcare industry where through increased competition, there is a realization that in order to remain competitive, healthcare companies need to think much more like a consumer-oriented company, perhaps for the first time ever.”

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