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January 19, 2016

frog and Launch Design Thinking Course to Empower Corporate Change Leaders

SAN FRANCISCO—frog, the global design and strategy firm, today announces its first course with leading online learning company called “Design Thinking: Lead Change in your Organization” as part of a larger content collaboration. The course defines design thinking and explores the distinctive problem solving approach within the context of today’s business world. Drawing on its own experience designing ground-breaking products, services and experiences, frog’s debut course explores leadership skills and specific tools to build the design-thinking mindset within organizations of varying size and industry focus.“At frog we apply design to the creation of new strategies, systems, and entirely new businesses,” said Turi McKinley, Executive Creative Director, frogCamp™. “Over the years I’ve seen a fundamental shift: where we once designed to change consumer behaviors, we must now design to impact both consumer behaviors and the behaviors of our client organizations. We’re excited to team up with and build the capabilities and processes that enable teams to transform their businesses at scale.”

“Design Thinking: Lead Change in your Organization” provides global members with training on specific tools and methodologies employed by frog, such as mapping customer journeys, creating concepts, and prototyping. This first course aims to empower leaders and teams with the capabilities to transform the way organizations operate and create measurable value for customers.

“With a library of more than 4,200 courses spanning business, technology, and creative, adding training on Design Thinking became a priority because it supports all areas of the library,” said Kristin Ellison, Content Manager, Design and Art+Illustration, “frog has been an incredible author from day one and through our collaboration we’ve been able to translate their expertise and processes into a rich experience.”

In addition to course content, frog and today announce the launch of a corresponding LinkedIn group to further guide and engage with course participants. The group will serve as a platform to address questions and foster additional conversations within the community. Students will be able to communicate via the dedicated LinkedIn groups in response to prompts within the course.

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