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January 17, 2020

Design Heavyweights Make Their 2020 Trend Predictions

AIGA Eye on Design features frog’s 2020 design trend predictions amongst those of other industry leaders

EYE ON DESIGN—The business of design has never been as profitable as the businesses that design enables. In partnering with the VC firm Tuesday Capital, Frog wants to change that

2020 and beyond will be all about bringing it back to humans. Everything we do, make, ship and scale will not be about how far we can advance the technology, but how well we can make it work for the people that use it,” it says. “We say, no more tech for tech’s sake. Instead, let’s enter a new age of awareness, of value and, of course, new possibilities. Let’s welcome the Age of the Senses—making sense of tech, expanding our human senses and capabilities, and finding our sense when it comes to what matters for people, society, and the planet.

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