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vs. Reality

Bridging the gap between what is and what could be often means knowing how—and when—to turn hype into strategy. We ask blockchain strategist and author Olga V. Mack and Sam Elamin, founder of the DAO Imbue: Will Web3 make space for disruptive ideas to take root?

Download the new frog report ‘Expectations vs. Reality’ to learn how to turn radical, disruptive ideas into transformative products, services and experiences that change companies.

Today’s businesses are expected to engage with emerging technology to deliver the next generation of customer experiences. But it’s not always easy to turn innovative concepts into business strategy. In frog’s new report, we explore strategies for convergent transformation, transcending the hype to uncover real opportunities for human-centered innovation and guidelines for experimenting your way to the future.

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The next evolution of the internet is in sight.

Frontrunner brands are already taking steps toward Web3, experimenting within the realms of immersive experiences promised by the metaverse, new models of value built on cryptocurrency, digital scarcity and decentralized transactions, branded NFTs, virtual lives—the list goes on and on. Showing up on these new platforms takes different skillsets and different mindsets alike.

The time for new is now.

Simultaneously, in a world cautiously coming back to life post-pandemic, digital has an important role to play in helping customers feel safe. The new normal is shaping up to be one built on hybridity—seamless interactions between expertly merged online and offline experiences. There’s never been a better time to channel strategy into launching new products, services and entire businesses that deliver exceptional customer experience and cut across organizational barriers—to engage consumers wherever they are. The time is now to make your mark on a future that creates lasting value for your brand, your business and the world at large.


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agreed that post-pandemic, they will be more careful in terms of maintaining and protecting their personal health

Source: Capgemini Research Institute ‘Conversations for Tomorrow #4: The New Face of Marketing

New expectations for new frontiers

With Web3 on the near horizon, experts from frog and Capgemini Invent share what creative brands need to know about experimenting at the forefront of innovation.

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Listen to the POVs on NFTs podcast

Non-fungible tokens are causing a stir in the worlds of art, gaming and now business strategy. But are NFTs the wave of the future or the latest passing fad? We asked artists, strategists and designers to share their perspectives on why NFTs are raising questions about ownership, identity and value. Listen to the Design Mind frogcast here, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and anywhere you listen.

To close the strategy-execution gap between expectations and reality, follow these three strategies:

Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge Converge
Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend Transcend
Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment Experiment


Bring disparate
worlds together

In a post-pandemic world, customers are demanding seamless omnichannel experiences that accurately reflect how we now connect, work and live. But meeting these shifting expectations means rejecting traditional silos. Convergent design integrates product, service and digital domains to look across online and offline touchpoints, finding entirely new solutions to fill critical customer experience gaps.


Client Story

Campfire had a vision to use augmented reality to help designers and engineers working remotely to collaborate in three dimensions like never before—and the cutting-edge technology to bring that vision into reality.

To gain early converts, raise additional capital and compete with established names in the VR/AR market, Campfire asked frog to take their technology and bring it to life with a brand that captures the value and potential of 3D remote collaboration. At the heart of each experience is the Campfire hardware, all designed by frog: the headset, a console that “projects” the holographic scenes, and a pack that turns the user’s smartphone into a tool for interacting with 3D models and physical objects.

Read the full Campfire story


Rise above
the hype

Web3, the metaverse, blockchain and decentralization—these new domains are raising the stakes for brands who want to compete on experience, while opening doors to new, disruptive opportunities. Sometimes it pays to embrace the hype cycle. But jumping into new territory is equal parts creativity and strategy. Shaping the next generation of digital will mean getting past the noise and rooting innovation in human-centered experiences that don’t jeopardize the health of the planet.

Client Story

While the blockchain has been criticized for its energy-intensive processes, there are applications in motion to minimize its impact—and to actually use the technology for social and environmental good.

Hyphen is a sustainability-focused startup that uses the blockchain to help bring transparency and reliability to carbon emissions and other critical sustainability data—and is in an ongoing collaboration with frog’s Venture Design practice to structure their company and offering for scale. Hyphen improves emissions reporting and fights greenwashing through smart contracts, a system for automating reliable transactions.



Prototype your
way to success

The race is on to meet the new shifts in customer expectations. Yet, the reality is that successfully launching new, disruptive products, services, experiences and business ventures can be a challenge. But when the alternative is sticking with business-as-usual and falling behind, the most strategic course of action becomes clear. Looking into the future of what’s possible for your business and developing a practice that thrives on experimentation will help keep your organization on the cutting-edge.

Client Story

SFMOMA asked frog to help them create an “Interpretive Gallery” in which museum visitors could further experience “the paradoxes at work in reality” that artist René Magritte explored in his late-career work.

With advanced, depth-sensing cameras and motion-tracking technology, frog designed the digital scenes in the windows to draw on Magritte’s visual strategies. They also add a temporal twist, engaging the visitor in a brief journey by suspending and altering reality and perception. The combination of visual design and human-computer interaction creates a seamless experience activated by the presence of the visitor.

Read the full SFMOMA story

Hacking Innovation

Are you ready to prototype your way to disruption? There’s no day like today to quickly experiment with disruptive ideas that impact digital and physical products, services and experiences, and de-risk the risky process of reinventing.

Download the report

Close the strategy-execution gap

Getting beyond the hype to deliver on experience takes strategy and creativity in equal measure. The people and organizations that are willing to chart their own course to create value in the new domains of Web3 will win. Download the full ‘Expectations vs. Reality’ report to go deeper into the three strategies of converge, transcend and experiment to meet the new expectations of Web3 and the metaverse. Learn how to realize bold ideas as game-changing corporate strategy in your business, one prototype at a time.

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